The late Arnie Nudell, co-founder of Infinity, was very much a mentor to PS Audio’s Paul McGowan, and Paul and his team have been working a loudspeaker design that would honor Nudell. AXPONA saw the first public demo of the new speaker, the AN3, which is expected to be available toward the end of the year at a price somewhere in the region of $11,500–$14,500/pair. The AN3 features a servo-corrected 8″ aluminum-cone woofer, driven by a 700W amplifier mounted on one of the sides, with a folded ribbon tweeter, a rectangular planar midrange unit sourced from Bohlender-Graebener, and a cone “mid-bass coupler,” the last a consistent feature of Nudell’s designs for Infinity and Genesis. The AN3 will be the smallest and least-expensive model in the AN series—the AN1 will be a massive line-source loudspeaker intended to be the ultimate expression of Arnie’s work, and a replacement for and successor to the Infinity IRS Vs that have been Paul’s reference for many years. (See my video interview with Paul here and my audition of the IRS Vs in PS Audio’s listening room here.)

According to PS Audio’s Bill Leebens: “Proprietary to the AN3 (and patent-pending) is a Perspective Control, which will allow the speakers to produce a convincing soundstage, no matter how closely they’re positioned to a wall.” I couldn’t stay for long but listening to a James Taylor track in a system comprising PS Audio’s DirectStream DAC, BHK Signature preamp, BHK Signature 300 monoblocks, and with AC proved by two P20 PowerPlants and one P15 Powerplant the sound of the NA3 prototypes was full-range, clean, with superbly stable imaging.