Sennheiser has won an iF Design Award for its Momentum Bluetooth earphones.

Developed in collaboration with Zurich design agency StudioWeber, the iF Design Award-winning Bluetooth neckband earphones are a recent addition to Sennheiser’s Momentum range. ‘It is a great honour for the Momentum In-Ear Wireless to be recognised among the world’s best examples of product design as, without a passion for design, there would be no Momentum,’ said Oliver Berger, Head of Global Design Management at Sennheiser. ‘We have sought to redefine the world of headphones by offering a unique combination of outstanding sound quality, progressive technology and aesthetic purity. With the Momentum In-Ear Wireless, we brought this ethos to a Bluetooth ear-canal model for the first time.’

The Sennheiser Momentum in-ears are manufactured from impact-resistant polycarbonate, as well as mirrored chromium, and the dynamic drivers fire into custom-machined stainless steel in-ear sound tunnels. The ergonomic around-the-neck design and soft sheepskin nappa leather stitched onto the neckband promise all-day listening comfort, while the battery life comes in at ten hours. Ear adapters in four different sizes are provided for optimized fit in the ear canals to allow excellent attenuation of ambient noise. ‘The high-quality dynamic speaker system ensures powerful bass response, detailed vocal projection and a great sound stage,’ says Berger, ‘which enhances the experience of listening to music on mobile devices.

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