SoundAcoustics’ new BEAR Series LF70 corner bass trap uses a bass trap design incorporating an acoustic reflector to significantly improve absorption of unwanted low-frequency energy. (BEAR stands for Bass Enhanced Absorption Reflector.)

According to James Bellew, Director at SoundAcoustics, the LF70 has twice the absorption at 80Hz of conventional acoustic foam bass traps, with an absorption co-efficient of 0.8, compared to just 0.4 for foam traps. The benefits of using acoustic reflector technology were proved in 2009, when SoundAcoustics had its HA600/75 broadband hybrid acoustic panel independently tested at RMIT’s laboratory in Melbourne. ‘The shallow radius insert not only greatly improves low frequency absorption, which is particularly useful in typically problematic small rooms, but also reflects high frequencies, allowing the room to retain a natural sense of space,’ said Bellew, ‘so this unique concept has now been successfully incorporated into the LF70 BEAR Series bass trap, which offers performance rivalling that of products costing many times the price.’

Each SoundAcoustics LF70 Bear Series corner bass trap stands 1 metre high, measures 520mm across its front face and is available with either a clear Perspex or a timber reflector insert. Each one sells for $119 (RRP) and all are manufactured in Australia and carry the GECA (Good Environmental Choice) stamp of approval.

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The graph above demonstrates the SoundAcoustics LF70’s absorption co-efficients (blue line) versus the performance graph of the LF70 bass trap with insert removed (green line). From 250Hz and below the reflector insert provides a significant increase in low frequency absorption. At 80Hz and 100Hz the reflector boosts low frequency absorption by around 100 per cent, an extremely useful improvement in low frequency absorption.