October 2018
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Wrapping up RMAF 2018 with Angela Cardas (& more)

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As RMAF 2018 drew to a close, I joined Angela Cardas in the Marriott hotel bar for a chat about her role as manager of Cardas Audio and what she thinks of the term ‘WAF’. Guess what! She’s “not a fan”. The way Cardas tells it, the days of audio shows being an escape from the family are over. Now is the time to include the family (as exemplified by Munich High-End).

Echoing this sentiment is Zu Audio‘s own RMAF 2018 reflection: “If it’s one thing exhibitors at these hi-fi shows need to do better is play music that more people want to hear—the days of playing ten safe cuts of pretty and impressive music are long gone.” The majority of exhibitors still pull from a shallow pool as beige as the name given to the refurbished Marriott’s bar: Pint Brothers.… Read the full article

The talking heads of RMAF 2018: Vinnie Rossi

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With LCD Soundsystem and Aphex Twin spinning on an Acoustic Signature turntable, Vinnie Rossi uses the 2018 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (2018) to launch his new flagship L2 Signature pre-amplifier and monoblocks:

1/ a Class A dual mono DHT pre-amplifier (US$15,000) that comes fitted with 300B tubes but remains compatible with X4, 2A3, 45, 101D, 205D, SV811 (and other 4-pin DHT families) and holds options for L2 DAC and L2 phono boards at US$3500 a piece.

2/ Class A/B MOSFET monoblocks (US$15,000/pair) offering 75wpc into 8 Ohms, 140wpc into 4 Ohms (and 2 Ohm stable) via >100,000uF of low ESR power supply rail capacitance and a custom-wound 500VA power transformer, all wrapped in a half-inch thick aluminium chassis.… Read the full article