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Time out of mind with AURALiC’s Leo GX, Aries G1 & Vega G1

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Last year at Munich High-End, AURALiC’s Xuanqian Wang, armed with an extensive Powerpoint presentation, introduced us to the Aries G2 streamer and Vega G2 streaming DAC. This year Wang was back in Germany, Powerpoint-free, with the more affordable G1 takes on Vega and Aries (as detailed here last week).

At the MOC, I asked Wang to explain the differences between the G1 and G2 versions. His answers came back with a refreshing hit of honesty:

Back in Aries/Vega G2 territory and the room’s main rig, Wang demonstrated another new product.… Read the full article

AURALiC ready Aries G1 streamer, Vega G1 streaming DAC

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Munich High-End 2018 promises to be a hectic few days for AURALiC. From the floor of the MOC, the (now) American company will launch their Leo GX Master Clock and G1 versions of the Aries streamer and Vega DAC – two digital audio products that helped Xuanqian Wang and his team earn a robust reputation in the notoriously fickle world of high-end audio.

Let’s get straight to into it.

The Aries G1 is a high-resolution-capable network streamer. Wifi and Ethernet inputs.… Read the full article

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