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Audeze LCDi4 Review

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Tonality9.7Build Quality8.8Comfort & Fit8.7Matchability9.6 9.2Score$2495AudezeDisclaimer: This Audeze LCDi4 sample was sent to us for the purposes of this review and does not have to be returned. Thank you to the team at Audeze for giving us this opportunity. Audeze surprised a lot of us when they launched the iSINE series in late 2016/early 2017. None […]

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RMAF 2017: Big News from Chord Electronics

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Covering CanJam this year was a real blast. Every vendor seemed to have super exciting product introductions and Chord Electronics was no different albeit it was a more cerebral one.  I’ll explain.  As Chord fans may already know, Chord’s secret weapon is a digital audio guru named Rob Watts who works for WTA. Rob was one of the earliest adopters of Field Programmable Gate Arrays or “FPGAs” for short. In the headphone world, Chord deployed this technology in the form of an incredible (groundbreaking really) portable DAC/Amp called the Hugo.… Read the full article

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Audeze’s New, Innovative LCDi4: The In-Ear Sibling to the LCD-4

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[Note:  All components in BOLD are loaned; all components in standard face are owned by me.]


The GamuT Audio Zodiac Reference Loudspeakers and Balanced Audio Technology VK-255 SE stereo amplifier.

GamuT Audio Zodiac with SACD rack_web

The GamuT Audio Zodiac Reference Loudspeaker next to one of our racks of SACDs.


The Evolution Acoustics MM2 Loudspeakers with a pair of Audionet MAX monoblock amplifiers and the PRE G2 preamp on the Walker Audio Prologue Rack.


GamuT Audio Zodiac Reference Loudspeakers; Evolution Acoustics MM2 loudspeakers with Wave Kinetics isolation feet; Nova Rendition II loudspeakers outfitted with Walker Audio Reference HDLs on the upper and lower bi-wires, and Townshend Audio Super Tweeters, all contacts treated with Walker Audio Extreme SST Contact Enhancer.… Read the full article

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