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Audio Advice: Music Matters 2018, and 40th Anniversary Celebration

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Audio Advice celebrates forty years in business by pulling out all the stops during their annual Music Matters event.

Music Matters, is an annual celebration of music listening. However this year is an extra special event as Audio Advice not only celebrates their love of music, but also 40 years in business. With nearly twice as many brands as usual on hand to meet with customers and demonstrate some of the most exciting audio gear on the planet, everyone was ready for this year’s event to be bigger than ever.… Read the full article

It Must Be Sunday, For I’m Hearing Mass

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By Gautam Raja

For a while, I was one of those (arguably) necessary but infuriating elements of high-end audio: the “informed” consumer. You know, the guys who read forum posts and therefore know more than dealers do. Then when I found I lived near a large high-end audio dealership I pitched myself as an interested and available dogsbody and writer, and suddenly found myself highly uninformed on the other side of the fence. I had to learn a lot, and quickly.… Read the full article

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In Memoriam: John Stancavage

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by Kerry Malone

“Never leave a friend behind. Friends are all we have to get through this life — and they are the only things from this world that we could hope to see in the next.” — Dean Koontz

First, John wanted you to be sad he’s gone, but, more than that, happy to have him as a friend. He surely was happy to be your friend.

He’s sad he’s gone, too. He had so much in life that he still wanted to do.… Read the full article

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Burning Amps and Summer Ghosts: Summertime at PTA

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The Outer Banks, NC

Sea oats dot the dunes along the National Seashore in Salve, NC

Summertime. Hot hazy humid days. But it’s more “wet” than anything else, this year. Still, it’s summer. Time for lolling about, also known as “resting and rejuvenation”. Time to not do chores. Time for memories. Ghosts.

“I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to do that.” The “that” in question was flames. About 4′ high. Coming out of the back of an amplifier. Amplifier flambé. Good times.

Summer Logo

There’s even a sweet summer logo

In retrospect, it was lucky I was in the room when the amp decided to start its 4th of July Spectacular in my basement.… Read the full article

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Chasing, and Finding, the Dragon in Venice

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by Darryl Lindberg

Every year-and-a-half or so, Catherine and I retreat to Venice for about a month both to enjoy a significant change of scenery and to recharge our batteries—such are they are. We have no substantive agenda other than to wander around in this fascinating, charming, culturally rich, and timeless city.  Of the few activities we do plan, music events are high on the list.  Venice is a city with a spectacular musical history, a tradition of great music and great music-making that appears to be as strong as ever. … Read the full article

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Taking Our Carolina Soul Worldwide

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I became a music lover around the age of four when I discovered my parents record collection and convinced them to let me touch the knobs on the family All-In-One Quadraphonic stereo. Tweaking the 2-Channel and 4-Channel switches back and forth, moving the speakers, adjusting the bass and treble, I quickly became aware that better and tailored sound could be achieved. One could say this was the moment I unknowingly became an audiophile, as the largest amount of energy spent by most audiophiles is in the tireless pursuit for absolute involvement with the music.Read the full article

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Dr’s Orders: Push it to the limit

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A good Dr. should never insist on having his patients pushing themselves to the limit but this is audio and the limit of what is possible is a good thing with only one major hiccup, it’s rather expensive.

Audiohub.gr of which yours truly is the publisher organized the most expensive headphone demo since… ever? It was a unique occasion to listen to the cream of the crop in headphones currently produced. The difference between the “Date With The Flagships” event and any other headphone meeting was that all headphones were using the same state of the art amplification, DAC source and streamer, so for this particular event conclusion were theoretically possible.… Read the full article

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Chicago’s AXPONA kicks off busy year for U.S. audio shows

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By John Stancavage

With brick-and-mortar audio shops increasingly few and far between, high-end shows have seen tremendous growth in recent years. But are we on the verge of having too much of a good thing?

AXPONA, April 21-23 in Chicago, kicks off what looks to be the busiest season ever for the U.S. stereo exhibit circuit. After AXPONA, there is a mere six weeks until the next big event, the Los Angeles Audio Show, June 2-4. And, get this: The latter gathering is just one of three slated for California in a four-month period.… Read the full article

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Audio Advice: A Continuation of Significance, Part 3

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by Eric Franklin Shook

Significance: according to most southern grandmothers could be best summarized as “Ain’t no one in the will gonna fight over the Teflon.”

Culture has changed over the last century at break-neck speeds, and even more so since the turn of the century. It’s not so far out of the realm of reality to imagine that our future generations in nearly all habits will be unrecognizable to us. Imagine traveling 100 years back in time to visit your ancestors.… Read the full article

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