Review: Audirect Whistle – Whew!

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Disclaimer: Audirect sent the Audirect Whistle to me for the purposes of this review. I paid nothing for it. It goes for 99$, does DSD, plugs into either Android or iOS, and is limited to single-ended output. You can find out all about it here: Whistle DSD DAC.

Relevant links:

RMAA: Audirect Whistle 24-BIT
RMAA: Cozoy REI 24-bit — ohm image
RMAA: Cozoy TAKT 24-bit — ohm image
RMAA: nextDrive Spectra 24-bit — ohm image
RMAA: iPhone SE 24-bit — ohm image

Tuesday, the day of reckoning – for Whistle, Audirect’s 99$ iOS and Android DAC/headphone amp dongle, – is here.… Read the full article