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AXPONA 2018: The MUST SEE Rooms of Day Two

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AXPONA 2018 Coverage brought to you by Zesto Audio

There are over 160 rooms and exhibits here at Axpona. Making this event the largest audio show in North America. For some this can be overwhelming and cause a bit of anxiety. But have no fear, the Part-Time Audiophile Dream Team of journalists, personalities, and humorists are ready to be your guide.

Here are some surefire rooms to get you started and off on the right foot.

HHR Exotic Speakers are single driver full-range audio speakers and components based upon the Walsh Principal.Read the full article

Review: Auris Audio Headonia – Extraterrestrial

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Disclaimer: Auris Audio is not related to Headfonia in any way. The Headonia was sent to me to be featured on Headfonia.com

Auris Audio

Last year we covered the Auris Audio HA2-SE tube amp so our readers will probably already know all about Auris Audio. Lately Auris has also been touring with the Head-Fi Canjam shows all over the world and the Serbian brand has become very popular in the personal audio market in a very short time. When I covered the HA2-SE back in 2017, Auris wasn’t as well-known yet in the headphone world but after our review and Auris’ presence at the different shows, everyone seems to know about Auris Audio.… Read the full article

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Picture Sunday: Auris Audio HA2-SE

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Disclaimer: The stars in this weeks’ picture Sunday are the Auris Audio HA2-SE and the Chord Electronics Hugo 2 . This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.

The Auris Audio HA2-SE has quickly become one of my favorite tube amps in my collection, and it actually has become my most used amplifier overall. It’s so good in fact that it made me move the Violectric V281 in to storage. The Auris Audio HA2-SE, especially with upgraded tubes, sounds extremely good and if you’re keeping an eye on the audio/amplifier market you can see Auris is conquering it quickly.… Read the full article

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Review: Auris Audio HA2-SE – Perfection

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Disclaimer: The Auris Audio HA2-SE was sent directly from the Auris Audio factory in Serbia and it will stay here with me. 

Auris Audio

I’m pretty sure most of you have never heard of Auris Audio before but in the High-End speaker world, the Serbian company has been on the map for several years already.

“Based on experience in design amplifiers and other electronic devices, Auris Audio’s philosophy is rooted in Superior design, natural materials and skills of making, which give us the right to claim that our products are handcrafted with soul”

Auris Audio was founded in 2013.… Read the full article

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