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Hi-Fi World Awards 2017 – Best Loudspeaker Cable: Chord Sarum T

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Award Received in December, 2017

“It’s rare that something truly different comes along in the world of loud-speaker cables – but Chord’s new Sarum T is just that…

They are easily as good as some much more expensive rivals, being open, uncoloured and superbly natural – letting you hear the sound of your amplifier and loudspeakers as they should be.”

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Sarum T speaker cable is part of the much lauded Sarum T range and features our unique Taylon® insulation and ARAY conductor technology.

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Review: BorderPatrol USB Digital to Analogue Converter (SE Version)

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Good things come in small packages. To be fair, good things come in big packages too. The common denominator is “packages” and I sure like packages. Sometimes, I’ll order something silly (like a pack of pens) from Amazon just so a package will come. Because when packages come, every day is Christmas. Sigh. I have issues.

But getting back to small packages. Have you ever taken the lid off of a piece of audio equipment and discovered that the guts running the whole damn thing is floating in a sea of empty space?… Read the full article

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2016 Editor’s Choice: DACs under $1000

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Best. Such a slippery word. Best for whom? What specific qualities or quantities require optimisation to qualify for B-word assignation? Does the listener require headphone connectivity or are a pair of RCAs sufficient? Is listening pleasure derived from ultimate detail or is preference given to a little euphony?

Here, at 2016’s halfway point, the notion of the ‘Best’ provides the context for a longer look into the rear-view mirror at five top-drawer sub-$1000 DACs, all but one of which have done time at DAR HQ.… Read the full article

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