A Look Back at Bill Conrad and Lew Johnson's 40 Years in High-End Audio, Part 2: “It Just Sounds Right”

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Bill Conrad and Lew Johnson

Lew Johnson (left) and Bill Conrad (right) with the ACT2 preamplifer at a CES many years ago!

This is the story of Bill Conrad and Lew Johnson of conrad-johnson. The always introspective Bill and the ever-affable Lew. Two audiophiles who in their personal quest for audio nirvana came together and successfully parlayed their unbridled passion about high-end audio equipment and music into a highly successful business. A company that celebrated its 40th anniversary this year and joined that exclusive list (for millennials, that’s like having 5000 Facebook friends!) of American high-end audio companies such as Spectral, Audio Research, VPI, Magnepan, Grado, Wilson Audio, Krell, McIntosh, and PS Audio achieving this feat.… Read the full article