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Border Patrol and Volti Audio – AXPONA 2018

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by Rafe Arnott

When you wander the halls of a big audiophile trade show, you start to get what many refer to as “ear fatigue” or what I call “burnout.”

Putting in several hours running from room to room to take in whatever is the latest, and greatest from high-fidelity manufacturers spanning the globe at AXPONA this past weekend, I realized I was starting to slow down late in the afternoon on Saturday, and so sought solace in what I like to refer to as a “safe space.”

Border Patrol, and Volti Audio stay connected with Triode Wire Labs in a fairly regular fashion at hifi shows, and their rooms always qualify as a place to recharge, and sooth myself.… Read the full article

AXPONA 2018: Triode Wire Labs, Border Patrol, Volti Audio

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There is a reason.

If we’re being serious, this is obvious — because there’s always a reason. It may be stupid, it may be incidental, it may be irrelevant, it may be serendipity, or God, or luck, or spooky-action-at-a-distance, but even then, there’s a reason. But in the case of “why this particular room sounds really good”, the reasons are a bit more straightforward.

Chalk one more up to Team Natural.

Today’s iteration of The System has quite a bit of newness.… Read the full article

Capital Audiofest 2017: Border Patrol, Volti Audio, Triode Wire Labs

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I’ve always looked forward to the involving sound in the Border Patrol room, so I made a note stop by early on Saturday morning for a good listen, well before the crowds took over.  This year, head Border Patrol agent Gary Dews had the usual suspects lined up and working hard.  These included the usual P21EXD stereo amplifier ($11,900 USD as shown) and the affordable but hard-hitting Analogue DAC ($995-$1,850 USD depending on configuration).  I’m used to Gary showing with the English Living Voice speakers, which I have found to sound superb with his gear.… Read the full article

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