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CAF 2018: Fern & Roby, Linear Tube Audio, Black Cat Cable; ring in a new era

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Fern & Roby take us on a journey into the wide open bandwidth, while Linear Tube Audio rings in a new era for tube integrated amplifiers, Black Cat Cable crosses our path.


Sunday at an audio show is always a little bit slower, a little more relaxed, and a whole lot more “are we done yet?” Many of us on the press side are tying up loose ends, or returning to our favourite rooms to squeeze in another listen. I on the other hand am still clamoring to hear everything I can.… Read the full article

CAF 2018: McGary Audio, Salk Signature Sound, Exogal, AntiCables; mouthwatering sound

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McGary Audio shows us what thirty watts can do, Salk Signature Sound gives us the BeAT, Exogal supplies the tunes, and AntiCables once again binds together one of the best sounding systems of the show.


“Blindsided”, is a word I used in my show report notes. I know the Salk Signature Sound… sound, but to me the SONG 3 BeAT loudspeaker is something extra special. The new SONG 3 BeAT features a single Satori beryllium tweeter (Be) mounted atop an Audio Technology (AT) 4″ mid-range, while down below a 7.5″ woofer handles bass down to 33Hz.… Read the full article

CAF 2018: VIMBERG, TIDAL Audio, TW-Acustic, Transfiguration, Antipodes, and Skogrand

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I may have misspoke, or left a few of my earlier proclamations about the newest VIMBERG speakers less than acutely defined. If you are a listener of our Occasional Podcast, or reader of our little sister publication, then you may have heard me refer to the VIMBERG Mino loudspeakers as possibly the greatest bargain in hi-fi. To eat my own words for being less than accurate, the VIMBERG Mino loudspeakers are indeed not the greatest bargain in hi-fi.… Read the full article

Daedalus, Linear Tube Audio, LamizatOr, WyWires; All Reference – CAF 2018

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This is a system I could listen to every day and twice on Sundays. Which is exactly what I did at Capital Audiofest. On Friday, I poked my head in for a listen, Saturday, much of the same. Sunday morning I was there first thing to gather some final impressions of the system and snap some photos when I was called away for an urgent show-going responsibility. So I finally return on for my “twice” listen on Sunday, along with some photos — and I am noticing as the show is winding down, that the Daedalus, Linear Tube Audio and LamizatOr room is still rather busy.Read the full article

CAF 2018: PlanterSpeakers, So Good You Can Put a Plant In ‘Em!

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The most modest exhibit I witnessed at the 2018 Capital Audiofest was in one of the upstairs hallways where—I kid you not—someone had placed some brochures, a pile of business cards and a pair of interconnects on a window ledge. This is becoming common at high-end audio shows, where every nook and cranny is filled with a salesman and a folding table. I don’t know if this works or not, but I seldom pay attention to these people—until now.

That’s what this guy said to me, some guy who was sitting next to me listening to the $300,000/pair Von Schweikert Ultra 11 loudspeakers.… Read the full article

CAF 2018: Just Audio and Our Glorious Past

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All right, I’ll be honest. Seeing this exhibit might have made me pee in my pants just a little bit.

Here I was, walking through all the exhibits in the downstairs atrium at the 2018 Capital Audiofest, and suddenly I was confronted with racks and racks of vintage audio gear—most notably a nearly pristine display of ‘70s receivers. I’ve mentioned this many times over the years, but I have a truly special place in my heart for old ‘70s AM/FM receivers from the Japanese electronic giants since this was my introduction to this hobby more than 40 years ago.… Read the full article

Amphion does it again! – CAF 2018

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by Eric Shook

Firmly grounded with a history in studio and pro sound, Amphion returns to home audio with a stable of speaker designs, that to my ear, offer comforting treble and mid-range that complement the Amphion philosophy of how bass should be done — natural and just right. From desktop bookshelves to floor-standing reference towers, a little bit of everything was on hand for audition.

Amphion is in the honesty business. Outfitting some of the best recording studios in the industry, their targets have been to exhibit the most detailed and reliable information possible to the best tools we have in the recording studio, the human ear.Read the full article

CAF 2018: BorderPatrol, Volti Audio, Triode Wire Labs and Where the Magic Is

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Part-Time Audiophile readers are probably already aware of our enthusiasm for the products of BorderPatrol and Volti Audio. Since I am new to the staff, I am also new to the distinctive and engaging sound accomplished by these two manufacturers. I did get a brief taste of the combo while visiting PTA publisher Scot Hull a few months ago—he was using BorderPatrol amplification and the new Volti Rival speakers in his main system. We were evaluating one of Lyn Stanley’s glorious reel-to-reel limited releases, and I was mightily impressed with the big effortless sound.… Read the full article

RMAF 2018: A Critical Eye

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I have completely bought into the music reproduction industry ever since I heard the difference between lamp cord as speaker wire and Monster brand wire oh so many years ago. Yes, I built Heathkit and Eico kits when I was a teenager in the middle 60’s, but really had no idea what was really going on.

During this time I was developing my ear for music. Big band and classical when I was alone, and rock when friends came over, as well as getting an inkling of how the music sounded different through different types of components and wire.… Read the full article

CAF 2018: Luminous Audio Technology, PureAudioProject, and VPI Industries; The sound of freedom

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VPI Industries lends a hand and two tonearms, Luminous Audio Technology and PureAudioProject share a philosophy, and Soundsmith moves us — along with some iron.

VPI Industries was lending a hand to Luminous Audio Technology and PureAudioProject, by handling the analog section of the demonstration. Outfitted with a Grado cartridge (that I didn’t spend enough time listening to) and a Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Star moving iron cartridge (which I spent too much time listening to) that sounds as good as anything pushing $5k, though it’s street price is well under $2k.… Read the full article