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Review: Clear Tune Monitors / CTM VS3 – Old School

By | January 24th, 2018|Categories: Headfonia|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

Disclaimer: I received the CTM VS3 from Clear Tune Monitors as a review sample and it doesn't have to be returned. The price for VS3 is 499$ at this time.


Clear Tune Monitors VS3 is one of the latest releases of CTM, as a part of their new Universal Vintage Series. This series contain 3 different monitors including this one. CTM has been known in the industry for making very nice Custom IEMs already, but lately they decided to make universal models as well.… Read the full article

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CAF 2017: CanMania Photo Tour

By | January 23rd, 2018|Categories: Part-Time Audiofile|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

The east coast’s favorite audio show Capital Audiofest was host to 2017’s CanMania. This headphone show is in coordination with Headphone.Guru.

CanMania brings together manufacturers, vendors, headphone and personal audio enthusiasts along with the audio industry press.  Sprawling large and wide across the Plaza ballroom exhibitors have plenty of room and separation for show-goers to avoid the cluttering and lack of elbow room often a pain of many headphone shows. There were also “Quiet” rooms available for exhibitors wishing to offer a special VIP private listening experience.… Read the full article

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RMAF 2017: Can Jam Gets in my Head

By | November 6th, 2017|Categories: Part-Time Audiofile|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Noble-RMAF-2017 940 x 300

RMAF 2017 coverage is proudly sponsored by Noble Audio.

I’ve still got a lot to learn about what is chic in the headphone community. So, as I roamed the sea of tangled cords and music-bar like atmosphere of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Can Jam (www.canjamglobal.com) arena, I let my sagacity lead the way. On to the show…


Acoustic Research www.acoustic-research.com
The Acoustic Research AR-M2 DAP / Headphone Amp ($999.99 USD) that I played with at the show is super attractive, super fast, sounds excellent, and very powerful at driving headphones.… Read the full article

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