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Notable Audio Products, Joseph Audio, Doshi Audio, J. Sikora, Cardas Audio | RMAF 2019

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Notable Audio Products is the distribution side of Jeff Fox’s Command Performance AV dealership in Falls Church VA, and Jeff had sort of a late ’90s New York Yankees approach to RMAF 2019–stack the room with talent and win it all in the end. When you think about all the brands in that room–Joseph Audio, Doshi Audio, J. Sikora, Cardas Audio, Aurender, Kuzma, Koetsu, Ortofon, Berkeley, Modulum Audio and Artnovion–it’s no wonder that I walked away from that room thinking “It’s going to be hard to top that.”

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 coverage sponsored by Core Power Technologies A/V

One of the primary reasons to visit the Notable Audio Products room was to check out the J.… Read the full article

Friday’s Highlights | 2019 RMAF

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Friday at the 2019 RMAF was one of those long, busy and productive days where at the end of it you sit back and think wow, I met a lot of interesting people. Not just people, but people I really wanted to meet, people who mean something to this industry, people I’ve only read about up until now. One of the most interesting encounters involved one Hiroshi Ishihara, president of Youtek Limited in Japan. Mr. Ishihara, if you don’t know, is the man behind Hana cartridges.… Read the full article

Command Performance AV; Focal, Naim, EAT – CAF 2018

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This was by far my favourite budget system of Capital Audiofest 2018. If you consider it’s a complete system which includes Focal and Naim and clocks in at just a hair under $18K, if you don’t count in the component rack and audio cables.

When so much of the audio show can be a rattling cage full of systems with most individual components costing $20K alone, to see a more down to earth budgeted system at a show, is more than a breath of fresh air.Read the full article

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