Dave Stryker's Strykin' Ahead

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All components in BOLD are loaned; all components in standard face are owned by me.


Opera Loudspeakers Grand Callas, Trenner and Friedl ART Monitors.


Unison Research Sinfonia integrated amplifier, Rega Brio3 integrated amplifier, Unison Research Simply Phono phono preamplifier, Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE phono preamplifier.


Digital: Unison Research CDE CD player.

Analog: Unison Research Giro turntable with Unison Research UN1 cartridge, Rega P3-24 turntable with Zu Audio DL-103 cartridge, TT-PSE power supply, GrooveTracer Reference subplatter, Funk Firm Achroplat II platter and Acromat 2 mat.… Read the full article