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Monthly Spins: September 2018

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File Under: barn owls, pudding and other tidbits

Of course I’m kidding about this album being all about various puddings. Remember The Clean? Hard to forget the Kiwi sound and even better to realize that this raging geezer is still up to his neck in the pie. Crows hang out on the front lawn. Always talking and chattering in conversation. Social animals, but they’re an untidy lot. There is a ground hugging fog and some lysergic temptations. Probably not profound like hashish but subtle and loving like a kiss on the forehead from someone who never does such things.… Read the full article

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Darko.Audio podcast #8 – Music discovery

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We like your old stuff better than your new stuff. A criticism levelled at most successful musicians over the years. And levelled also at Apple — whose journey into USB-C has seen their mag-safe power connector bite the dust and whose more recent low/er-travel keyboards aren’t as satisfying to the touch as those of yore, never mind their ability to trap dust to render keys stuck or unresponsive. It is for these reasons that for the first time in a decade I’m moving back to Windows with a Surface Book 2.… Read the full article

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Part-Time Audiophile’s favorite albums of 2017

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Simply the best… of 2017

You’ll note that we’re not calling this the Best Albums of 2017. There are plenty of those lists out there, and they are pretty much dominated by this year’s critical darlings with some heavily promoted mainstream names thrown in. Instead of repeating that, Part-Time Audiophile asked its writers to share their favorite releases.

Some of our recommendations indeed may show up on a few of the other rankings, but many are farther off the beaten path.… Read the full article

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David Bowie “A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982)” 13 LP box

By | December 2nd, 2017|Categories: Part-Time Audiofile|Tags: , , , |

by Paul Ashby

In late September Parlophone and Rhino partnered for release of a Tony Visconti-remastered box set of Bowie’s “Berlin Trilogy” (and beyond) albums, and the project’s been getting a lot of press — and not all of it good.

In the remastering process, certain risks (and, some might venture, liberties) were taken. Anytime anyone messes with original Saint Bowie recordings, a certain amount of blowback is a given, and public reaction to an album or two in this set has put the label on the defensive.… Read the full article

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Royal Mail announces David Bowie stamp collection

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Royal Mail Bowie stamps go on sale March 2017.

It’s been more than a year since David Bowie left this mortal coil on his final trip to help the stars twinkle more fiercely. Now, Bowie is going to be along to make trips of a more terrestrial nature thanks to the United Kingdom’s Royal Mail. To commemorate the man’s legendary life, and contributions to making this a better planet for all of us, they’re releasing another infamous Music Giants Special Stamp series on 14 March 2017.

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