A short film about the ALLO DigiOne Signature for Raspberry Pi

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If bits were just bits, high-end streamer manufacturers would be snake oil peddlers and their (many thousands) of customers deaf dopes. Experience tells us otherwise: that not only do digital sources sound different but there exists a substantial audible delta between the very best-sounding digital audio sources – like the Innuos’ Zenith SE – and the worst – hello Raspberry Pi. Furnishing us with the ‘why’ are experienced digital audio engineers like Gordon Rankin.

Closing the Pi’s sound quality gap on the big boys are third-party manufacturers like France’s ALLO Digital whose terrific DigiOne HAT add-on directly connects to the Pi’s 40-Pin socket to pull digital audio upwards to output via S/PDIF with reduced amounts of jitter and/or electrical noise. … Read the full article