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To Core Infinity and beyond with Devialet, Seprolec

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Re-unification. UPnP, Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and Roon – five key streaming connections Devialet intend to add to their Expert Pro range of ‘super-integrated’ amplifiers, bringing future software development in line with the Phantom range of digitally active loudspeakers.

This means new software. The forthcoming Devialet OS, “a Linux-based OS tailored for audio applications optimal performance” will see the French company ultimately develop only a single software stream.

For the Expert Pro, that means new hardware upon which the upgradeable Devialet OS will run.… Read the full article

Digging deeper into Devialet at Hong Kong High-End 2016

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In Hong Kong, the Devialet Phantom is, in audiophile terms, ubiquitous. At HMV in Causeway Bay the French company enjoys a fully branded room. At the airport’s Sound&Vision store the now familiar halo stand casts a long shadow over several rows of headphones and portable loudspeakers. A senior sales assistant tells me that the Silver Phantom is a strong seller but that, carry-on baggage restrictions means it often takes a buyer two separate trips to acquire a pair.

The Phantom can parse an Bluetooth input signal but it’s far, far more than a Bluetooth loudspeaker.

Read the full article

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