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PMC Fact Fenestria

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Fenestria – A Statement of Fact

Article by Venoth Nair


I have always been a big fan of PMC speakers. The British brand has produced some of the most memorable monitor speakers, both for the professional as well as the home consumers. Harkening back to the old IB Series and now to the new twenty25 series speakers the brand has been known to always deliver excellent performance in a clean and simple package. So when I was given the chance to have an intimate listening session with PMC’s latest feat, the Fact Fenestria at AV Designs showroom, I jumped at it.… Read the full article

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Best Of 2015 Speakers

By | February 29th, 2016|Categories: Av2day|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Article by WL Low


I didn’t review any speakers this year, at least not in my own cave anyway. So my pick this year will be mostly what I heard and experienced from KLIAV 2015 show or other audio systems that I’ve had the opportunity to sample.

KEF LS50 hifi

KEF LS50: Still the best value to performance small stand mount speaker. Super coherent in top to bottom octave presentation within it’s limited bandwidth. While it doesn’t go super low due to it’s physical limitations, whatever bass it produces is articulate, yet and clear and concise enough for most people.… Read the full article

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