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RMAF 2018: Lee’s Parting Thoughts and Best Of Show

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KEF R Series

I’ve been coming to RMAF almost from the beginning.  Some 14 years later, the show news is that they are moving to the giant Gaylord resort near the Denver airport.  This should be exciting but in many ways I will miss the Denver Tech Center.  It feels a bit like the end of an era in high end audio.  I am sure the new location will take the show to a new level for the hard-working Marjorie Baumert and her team from the Colorado Audio Society.  

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RMAF 2018: Göbel Audio and CH Precision

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What a system this was!  Clarity, huge dynamics, genuinely involving sound.  I hit this room three times.  It was that good.  Elliot Goldman had brought all his top gear.  Okay, honestly he stacked the deck…or should I say they stacked the CH Precision boxes?   There were literally dozens of them.  I’ll explain this is a minute.

We were listening to Göbel‘s Epoque Aeon Reference speakers at $220,000.  The electronic stack was an impressive set of CH Precision gear including:

  • M1.1 power amplifiers at $54,000 each
  • L1 mono preamplifier at $58,000
  • X1 power supplies at $17,000
  • D1 SACD/CD transport at $38,000
  • T1 10mhz Time Reference with GPS at $28,600
  • C1 Dual Mono DAC with streaming at $73,000
  • P1 Dual Monaural Phono stage at $31,000

Supporting gear was also terrific:

  • TW Acustic Raven AC turntable with Anniversary board and three motor drive system at $24,000
  • TW Acustic 10.5 inch tonearm at $5,500
  • Ortofon A95 cartridge at $6,500
  • Miyajima Madake cartridge at $6,000
  • Sonore Signature Rendu at $3,445
  • Sonic Orbitor 10TB at $2,000

Cable was Göbel’s Lacorde Statement series:

  • Balanced Cables 1.2 meters at $7,000
  • Speaker Cables 3 meter pair at $23.000
  • Ethernet Cable 1.2 meter at $5,100
  • USB Cable 1.2 meter at $5,100
  • Digital Cable 1.2 meter at $3,500
  • Power Cable 2.0 meter ay $8.500

System was sitting on Core Audio equipment racks and stands.  … Read the full article

AXPONA 2018: Lee’s Best of Show

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I was really burned out from a long work week at nearby Northwestern University.  I was so looking forward to AXPONA as the medicine to my working man blues.  The only thing stopping me was insane traffic between Evanston and Schaumburg where the new hotel venue was. This was post-apocalyptic Atlanta traffic.  But finally we arrived and it was worth the hassle. AXPONA was really superb this year.  The Renaissance Center staff was friendly and the venue was beautiful.  Very spacious, it took getting used to but the second floor had lots of conversation pits and the food was generally good. 

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AXPONA 2018: Göbel Debuts the Aeon with Bending Wave Technology

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One of the best sounding rooms at AXPONA was from a totally unfamiliar brand called Göbel. Now my friend Elliot Goldman had been making a little noise on facebook about their cables and his becoming their exclusive U.S. distributor but I wasn’t sure what they would sound like. Even the challenging small rooms couldn’t stop these Aeon speakers from producing some of the best sound at this very competitive show. Why did these speakers sound so good?

Certainly Elliot’s excellent CH Precision electronics helped.… Read the full article

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High End 2017: True high end from Gobel, CH Precision and Kronos

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True high end stands for silly prices, feel free to move along if you have issues with that.

For those who care this was a rather interesting and must admit well sounding room. I have never been a huge fan of Göbel, not only because of the steep prices, clearly out of my league but mostly because Oliver Göbel insisted on bringing those humongous bass towers consisting of 16 drivers that simply wrecked havoc on Munich’s rooms. Standing waves a go go and the sound was a so so for several editions of the High End show.… Read the full article

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