Oslo Kammerkor, Veneliti | The Vinyl Anachronist

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In terms of choral performances, the Oslo Kammerkor (Chamber Choir) and their performance of Orjan Matre‘s Veneliti is very different than the last 2L Recording I reviewed, Himmelborgen. In that recording, the Uranienborg Vokalemsemble chose works that re-define and build on traditional hymns, while Veneliti comes from the opposite direction, a re-working of folk music. The music from Matre, of course, takes a dream-like approach to the sound of a choral in the prerequisite Norwegian church, but this time the voices are allowed to float and blend into something more surreal than “And when this flesh and heart shall fail.” Veneliti has a secular feel that’s still a bit haunting, still suggestive of mystical forces that drive the singers’ emotions.… Read the full article