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Chord’s Hugo M Scaler gives us what hi-fi shows do not

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Keeping it honest: comparisons are the cornerstone of a good hi-fi review. Why? Because comparisons are also the cornerstone of the consumer decision process. Our decision trees tell us that it isn’t enough for us to enjoy the sound of a piece of audio gear in isolation. We also want to know if we might better enjoy something else.

In short: no A/B, no conclusion. No conclusion, no sale.

At the 2018 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Chord Electronics took up residence in the Marriott Hotel’s tower – demonstrating the Hugo 2 TT (info here) with the TToby amplifier (info here) and loudspeakers – and in the CanJam area where the Hugo 2 TT fired directly into headphones.… Read the full article

Chord Electronics announce Hugo M Scaler

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‘One million taps’ – the spec sheet boast of Chord Electronic’s BLU MKII transport and upscaler – a CD ‘player’ whose digital output takes a CD’s 44.1kHz sample rate and pumps it up: 8x to 352.8kHz carried over a single BNC interconnection but 16x to 705.4kHz when paired with Chord’s own DAVE DAC via twin BNC hook-ups.

Doing the heavy mathematical lifting is Rob Watts’ interpolation filter. hosted by a Xilinx XC7A200T FPGA and reportedly his most advanced to date. The filter calculates new samples to “redefine sound quality from digital audio” where “transient accuracy is taken to a completely unprecedented level” – hence the need for an “unprecedented” 1,015,808 taps.… Read the full article

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