Hym-Original Stereo System

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Seeding Performance

by Dick Tan
Hym-Original Seed Stereo System
Hym-Original Seed Stereo System

At first glance the Hym-Original Seed Stereo System would seem to be a piece of our audio past.


Indeed, the Seed is designed to reflect the retro aesthetics of the all-in-one audio system from the sixties but with a very high dosage of modern audio technology thrown in to optimise audio performance. Intended for those who desire simplicity of operation yet loath to lose out on performance the Seed, one would be pleasantly surprised to discover is made with a rigorous application of audio technologies which include a patent pending three point suspension systems to isolate its delicate turntable operation from structural vibrations (which would seem inevitable from the built-in speaker system).… Read the full article