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Morel’s Högtalare is peak Kallax-Fi

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Kallax-Fi? We’ve covered electronics. What about loudspeakers? Many standmounts will make good on their bookshelf promise to fit comfortably inside an IKEA Kallax unit’s 33cm x 33cm shelf hole. The compromise is the cavity will act as a bi-directional acoustic horn. Not too dissimilar to how we cup our hands around our mouth to further project our voice.

Taking a bespoke approach to eliminate the problems of an additional enclosure is Israel’s driver and OEM manufacturer Morel. Their Högtalare loudspeaker fits snugly into any Kallax shelf with its reinforced MDF cabinet housing a pair of soft dome tweeters, a “double magnet” 6″ mid/bass driver (with front firing port) and a trio of corresponding 50 Watt amplifier, all stitched together via a DSP crossover.… Read the full article

Introducing: Kallax-Fi

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1×1. 2×2. 3×1. 4×1. 4×2. 3×4. 4×4. 5×5. Not mathematics for young ‘uns but IKEA’s KALLAX – the world’s most popular vinyl storage solution. Why? Clean lines, simple colourways and value for money that is unsurpassed. The 1×1 sells for €20, the 5×5 for €120. Each internal cube can hold between 50 and 60 records.

For those not optioning a separate (and more costly) hi-fi rack to house their audio electronics, the KALLAX can do double duty as vinyl holder and component cache.… Read the full article

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I’m chairman of the board!

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“I’m bored.
I’m the chairman of the board.
I’m a Lincoln monologue,
I’m livin’ like a God,
I’m bored.”

— Iggy Pop

Hi-fi racks – we audiophiles use them to organise our components, to more attractively display them and, sometimes, to minimise the negative influence of vibrations, which not applied to mechanical devices like turntables but also electronics. Our amplifier and/or DAC’s circuitry can, to varying degrees, translate (airborne) mechanical vibrations into deleterious electrical noise – that’s microphony at work. The fewer the vibrations reaching our gear, the lower the electrical noise generated and the better the sound quality.… Read the full article

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