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In Living Stereo, Mactone, Trenner & Friedl, Clearaudio, Hana, Auditorium 23 | RMAF 2019

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At the 2019 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, New York City dealer In Living Stereo presented a room that was close to my heart. First, they presented a vinyl-only system, something I’ve done before at high-end audio shows and found unusually satisfying and fun. Second, they used the Trenner & Friedl Osiris ($8500/pair) as loudspeakers. You probably know from the Spring Issue of The Occasional that I’m a huge fan, not to mention owner, of T&F. I found this exciting, however, because the Osiris is perhaps the only model from these Austrian speaker designers that I haven’t yet heard.… Read the full article

Friday’s Highlights | 2019 RMAF

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Friday at the 2019 RMAF was one of those long, busy and productive days where at the end of it you sit back and think wow, I met a lot of interesting people. Not just people, but people I really wanted to meet, people who mean something to this industry, people I’ve only read about up until now. One of the most interesting encounters involved one Hiroshi Ishihara, president of Youtek Limited in Japan. Mr. Ishihara, if you don’t know, is the man behind Hana cartridges.… Read the full article

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