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Warsaw 2017: Serious high end with Jadis, Serblin and DaVinci

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One of the most important rooms of the show, if you count in factors like heritage, built quality, price and last but not least, musical connection, the Grobel room with a stack of Jadis tube amplifiers including the JA 500 monos with external power supplies, the gorgeous Serblin Ktema speakers and an impressive analog front end, courtesy of DaVinci Audio Labs from Switzerland. Add a phono stage by Thoress and power solutions by Verictum for a deeply sensual, intimate and completely fatigueless session.

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AXPONA 2107: Kyomi, On a Higher Note go back to 1947 with Vivid, Jadis

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Kyomi Audio and On a Higher Note combined the old and the new to produce alluring sound — and spooky time travel — in their demo room at AXPONA.

First off, in the old category, was the music itself. The demo disc was a pristine 1947 mono pressing of Duke Ellington’s Liberian Suite (last seen going for $40 to $50 on eBay). This Columbia release was one of the earliest long-players and was cut straight to lacquer.

The newest technology was the speakers playing the Ellington tunes, the Vivid Audio G1 Series 2 ($68,000 a pair).… Read the full article

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