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Barbara Lashley, A Love Affair with Song

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Lashley Belle Portrait “It was always hard to believe, for most of us who worked with Barbara, that any jazz singer could be that sweet and that uncomplicated. She didn’t have a cynical or a snide molecule in her.” — Richard Hadlock, Annals of Jazz, KCSM-FM, 1992

Singer Barbara Lashley (1935-1992) was a bright light in San Francisco Bay Area jazz during the 1980s.  This article offers an introduction via her best but long out-of-print 1983 record album and three newly recovered live performances. 

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Bob Mielke’s Oakland A’s Strolling Dixieland Band, 1969-92

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“We’ve had a really warm response. It’s fun to be able to play to the people directly. Face to face, not through a microphone or anything. It’s just a really rewarding experience.” – Bob Mielke, Interview on Radio KNBR, Nov 1969

Here’s a slice of rollicking Americana from a time and place not so far away.  Or was it?

For nearly a quarter century Oakland A’s Swingers Baseball Band brought vintage jazz to ballpark audiences, Traditional Jazz events and private parties.

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Burp Hollow

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The Infamous Burp Hollow, San Francisco Nightclub, 1956-66

Musicians and denizens of Burp Hollow in their natural habitat. L to R: Bob Mielke (trombone), Ted Butterman (cornet), Bill Erickson (piano), Pete Allen (bass), Dick Oxtot (banjo) and Bill Napier (clarinet). Courtesy of Ted Butterman. 

A seamy hole in the wall on Broadway — the booming entertainment strip of North Beach — this joint was near the bottom of the long list of jazz rooms flourishing in San Francisco around 1960.”

— Clarinet player Bill Carter, 2014

A Colorful Nightclub and Low Dive 

Hearing the name Burp Hollow today musicians cringe, remembering the bad pay and tiny stage, watered-down booze and unsavory owner, a wheel chair-bound former Mafioso.

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Remembering Buck Clayton (2018)

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Swing Era Trumpeter Buck Clayton

“The prettiest cat I ever saw” — Billie Holiday.

Swing era trumpet player Buck Clayton (1911-1991) is best known for his role in the early success of Count Basie and his Orchestra and his sensitive accompaniment for Billie Holiday’s records. Clayton was the son of a tuba-playing minister, and yet because he had some Native-American blood his mother called him “Buck.” Contemporaries recalled his notable good looks, grand sartorial style, and striking blue-green eyes that won him the nickname “Cat Eyes.”

Compared to other trumpet stars of the 1930s, Buck’s sound was more streamlined, smoother and intimate.

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