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Audio Advice: Music Matters 2018, and 40th Anniversary Celebration

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Audio Advice celebrates forty years in business by pulling out all the stops during their annual Music Matters event.

Music Matters, is an annual celebration of music listening. However this year is an extra special event as Audio Advice not only celebrates their love of music, but also 40 years in business. With nearly twice as many brands as usual on hand to meet with customers and demonstrate some of the most exciting audio gear on the planet, everyone was ready for this year’s event to be bigger than ever.… Read the full article

RMAF 2018: Must See Rooms of Sunday

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There are over 400 brands exhibiting here at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Making this event one of largest audio shows in North America. For some this can seem overwhelming. and cause a bit of anxiety. Alas, have no fear, the rag-tag band of misfits from Part-Time Audiophile are ready to be your audio show guide.

Here are some surefire rooms to get you started and off on the right foot.

dCS’s new Bartók DAC with Headphone Amplifier could be all the heat you need to keep your ears warm this winter.… Read the full article

CEDIA 2018: JBL L100 Classic returns and we fancy orange

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The JBL L100 is considered the best selling speaker in JBL’s history.  It will always be remembered for its looks, sound and its role in the famous Maxell ad, “The Blown-away Man”. Popular since the 1970’s, the L100 re-emerges in 2018 with its iconic look and modern technology.

“The original L100 speakers were not only JBL’s all-time, best-selling loudspeakers, but, from all indications, they were the best-selling loudspeaker system of the decade,” said Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, Luxury Audio, HARMAN.

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JBL re-launch L100 Classic loudspeakers at CES 2018

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Fond memories of Led Zeppelin anyone?

Welcome back, Kotter.

Hell of a show starring John Travolta, Gabe Kaplan, and Ron Paolillo as Horshack that debuted in 1975. I remember often watching it a friend’s house, and the orange-grilled JBL Century speakers sitting on either side of the TV as we did.

Everything old is new again… or so it seems at times. Take for example the legendary JBL L100 Classic loudspeaker I just remembered… that was introduced in 1970 only to become the runaway best-selling monitor the company has ever produced.… Read the full article

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