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CES 2019: JBL returns to its roots with the JBL 4312G Studio Monitor

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JBL is returning to its roots again.  In Sept, at CEDIA 2018, we reported the return of the JBL L100. Popular since the 1970’s, the L100 re-emerged in 2018 with its iconic look and modern technology.

JBL continues the party, this time with another classic the JBL 4310 Control Monitor. Originally released in 1968, the 4310 was developed by JBL in partnership with recording studios to build a compact, powerful, and professional studio monitor.  It is no stranger to control rooms, mix down facilities, and portable playback systems.… Read the full article

RMAF 2017: Nokturne Audio shows how torque matters with Lejonklou, JBL, and Linn

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Big, bad, JBLs.

Lejonklou is not a high-fidelity manufacturer many audiophiles have probably heard of, and that’s too bad because Fredrik Lejonklou the man behind the Swedish company – is on to something special with his incredibly transparent amplifier, and preamplifier circuit designs. Lejonklou had paired up once again at RMAF with Thomas O’Keefe of Nokturne Audio out of Westland, Michigan, and once again the two of them had put together an outstandingly musical system consisting of Lejonklou pre, and power amps, a pair of Urika-equipped, Linn Klimax specified LP12s, and the incredible $883 USD JBL 3677 theatre loudspeakers (albeit with a subwoofer unit added to the mix this time which brought even more extended, tight authority to the lower octaves). … Read the full article

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