Stack Audio announce the Link: a streamer with surprises!

By | December 27th, 2018|Categories: DAR|Tags: , , , , |

First blood on digital audio streamer news for 2019 (and we’re not even there yet) goes to the Stack Audio. The UK company’s forthcoming WiFi/Ethernet-connectable Link is a network bridge; it will drop into any UPnP/OpenHome (powered by Volumio), Shairport-powered Airplay, Roon (TBC) or Spotify Connect streaming system to output via USB (and USB only) to a neighbouring DAC. The Link also features a Bluetooth input for when convenience is more important than sound quality.

Up the Link’s sleeve sits a trio of party tricks: 1) the Link is a CD ripper with a second USB port allowing for the connection of an external optical drive ; 2) the Link is a USB pipe cleaner where its Type B USB port will play catch on any other USB source to clean up its signal before sending it on the DAC; 3) an HDMI display port for big screen display of the Link’s Volumio interface.… Read the full article