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Mytek Intros Two Budget Options – The Liberty DAC and Portable CLEF

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The small label above the blue dot on the front panel of the new Liberty DAC by MyTek sums up a lot about the company’s direction in terms of compatibility. Its going more mainstream (in terms of pricing) but is bringing along a slew of audiophile features along with it. While a cool grand is perhaps more than most mainstream digital listeners might pony up, the value is still carved into the idea with large strokes. With Myteks’s upstream aspirations landing a little more on the spicy side (Manhattan II – $6k, Brooklyn DAC+ $2.2k), a $1k DAC sporting a full back of connectivity options is mighty appealing for the target market that shops within this range.… Read the full article

Liberty DAC for all from Mytek for $995

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Diminutive, full-featured, and affordable. The $995 USD Liberty DAC from Mytek.

What price would you pay to be free from digital-file type constraint? $2,000? $5,000? $10,000?

How about $995 USD?

Mytek Digital’s new Liberty DAC can up-convert to 384K/32bit PCM/DSD256 through it’s ES9018 Sabre chipset, its array of digital inputs (USB2 – Class2, S/PDIF, Toslink/ADAT, AES/EBU) natively handles PCM 192K, and DSD64 DOP, it features digital-volume control (preamp anyone?), balanced (TRS, TRS to XLR) and unbalanced outputs (RCA), and a headphone amplifier (300mA, three watts, single unbalanced headphone jack, 0.1 Ohm impedance).… Read the full article

Freedom! Mytek announce US$995 Liberty DAC

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Subtraction. Take the Mytek Brooklyn (and not the Plus). Shrink the box volume by a factor of three to remove the colour LED display and dancing signal level meters but maintain balanced outputs by converting the associated rear panel socketry from XLR to TRS (and offer TRS-XLR adaptors as an option). Keep hold of its internal ESS Sabre 9018K2M DAC chip and bypassable internal power supply but take away its MM/MC phono stage and analogue volume control to leave digital attenuation*.… Read the full article