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Well Pleased AV, Innuos and QLN – RMAF 2018

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As I came upon the Well Pleased AV room on the 5th floor of the short tower of the Marriot Tech Center, I could hear the familiar drone of Eddie Vedder’s voice calling to me from the hallway. The track was Long Nights from the Into the Wild soundtrack. An interesting pick, considering it wasn’t the “hit” or even one that gets played very often.

But Mr. Vedder sounded clean and clear, more “right there”, less haze, and more immediacy than most I had heard that weekend.… Read the full article

RMAF 2018: Innuos Statement at Well Pleased AV

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Well Pleased AV was showcasing some spectacular sound, courtesy of some Qln loudspeakers, their Prestige Three floor standers. Some details: 8Ω, 87dB, down to 28Hz, $9,999/pair. Unassuming appearance, but with spooky-good imaging, the Qln speakers made the music eye-poppingly entertaining, and the overall sound in the room was a strong entry for best-in-show.

The other leading-role lineup in this room included the LinnenberG Telemann Pre ($5,600), the LinnenberG WIDOR amplifier ($19,000 — 150w @ 8Ω/250 @ 4Ω), an Aqua Hi-Fi Formula xHD DAC ($16,500), a Gigawatt PC-4 EVO+ power conditioner (10,300), and a whole loom of Swisscables.… Read the full article

Capital Audiofest 2017: Well Pleased AV takes us backstage

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Death, Taxes, and Good Sound from Well Pleased AV. Three things in life you can be assured of. I say this because in typical fashion Mark Sossa has brought us something new to gawk at and exhibited it with showstopping results. Namely his latest addition of Rethm loudspeakers. Mark was demoing a system of familiar electronics carried over from previous audio shows in 2017, and the new entry level Bhaava loudspeakers from Rethm. At the heart of the Bhaava tower is a retro 7” Boston/Philips Hi-Q driver, a transducer underutilized in its heyday, now finding new life in a horn loaded tower.

Read the full article

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AXPONA 2017: Well Pleased with Rethm and Aqua HiFi

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Mark Sossa of Well Pleased A/V was, once again, show off his penchant for nifty-yet-affordable gear here at AXPONA. Mark is one of those guys with a reputation for exploration: all the brands he carries are just off the beaten path. Gems, all. But most are probably not “household names”.

Take Rethm. Rethm makes some interesting “Lowther-esque” loudspeakers that you will probably never have heard of — because no one writes about these Made-in-India marvels (well, no one other than 6moons).… Read the full article

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