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AXPONA 2018 – Friday Night Lights, and Saturday delights

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Into the light of Saturday.

Lions, tigers, and bears – Oh my.

Substitute the first three nouns in that sentence for women, teens, and children, and you’d get my drift about what I noticed over the weekend in Illinois. This was pretty much the first time I’d seen any of those demographics in any amount of numbers at an audio show in North America. And no, it wasn’t just because there was a large dance competition being held simultaneously in part of the host venue, these were women, teens, and kids clutching AXPONA merchandise, and making the rounds between the more than 150 show rooms.… Read the full article

RMAF 2017: The Sight of Sound

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A wrap-up photo journal of this year’s Rocky Mountain Audiofest in Denver, Colorado.

GTT Audio 
MasterBuilt Audio, Von Schweikert

High End by Oz
Raidho Acoustics, Aavik Acoustics

Neat Acoustics
Audia Flight, High Fidelity Services

Monitor Audio 
Roksan, Kevro International

Listen Up 
Tannoy, Peachtree Audio

Bricasti Design  
Wilson Benesch, Oyaide Cable

Zesto Audio 
Marten, Merrill-Williams Audio

Salk Sound, WyWires

Schiit Audio
Salk Sound

McIntosh Laboratories
Sonus Faber

Rogers High Fidelity, Wax Stacks

Vinnie Rossi, Anticables


Project Sumiko


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Capital Audiofest 2017: The Audio Company, VAC, Von Schweikert, Esoteric bring their A-Game

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This was probably the only room at Capital Audiofest that could have charged a “special exhibit” admission price during the show. The Audio Company brought to CAF what was arguably a room configured with a system many audiophiles might never experience in their real lives, either specifically or in terms of outright cost. So making it to an audio show near you to see rooms like this should be on your bucket list. Likely if you know someone who attended Capital Audio Fest this year, you’re likely already seeing system pictures on social media.… Read the full article

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