December 2017
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The New Apartment Lounge: Sutherland Engineering's Knock-out KC VIBE Phono Preamp

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The Apartment Life

For those curious about the name I’ve chosen for my new Positive Feedback column, the New Apartment Lounge, here’s the story.

Last spring, I moved into a new apartment, a bigger space than my former digs, but still on the small side. Shortly thereafter, I found a CD I had not listened to in over a decade, Chicago-based tenor saxophonist Von Freeman’s highly-regarded 2004 release The Great Divide (Premonition). Listening to Freeman for the first time in years, two qualities of his playing stood out.… Read the full article

A Conversation with Sutherland Engineering, Inc.'s Ron Sutherland

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Ron Sutherland

How did you come up with the name “KC VIBE”?

To really know the authenticity and integrity of something, you must know its place of origin. We all know the role provenance plays in art and collectables. There is a midwestern value of doing something well. With a straightforward, unassuming manner.  

What design goals did you set out to achieve with the VIBE?

The goal was to make a phono preamp I would be proud to build, and the user would be proud to own.… Read the full article