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Sonus Faber Launches Sonetto

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The 1900 Building in Kansas City, Missouri, is the original HQ for Lee Jeans, and last week I got a tour, courtesy of Mr. Karbank, the owner. The “new” 1900 Building is a very posh and modern affair, with space for industry and a fantastic restaurant, but most interesting to you, dear reader, is that Mr. Karbank is also a client of a local Sonus Faber dealer Elevated Electronics, and that relationship allowed Sonus Faber the opportunity to bring some friends in to introduce a new toy, or rather, a collection of such toys, to celebrate their 35th Anniversary.… Read the full article

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LA Audio Show 2017: McIntosh in a World of its Own

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MC601 mono blocks in effect.

World of McIntosh is a brand name developed in 2015 by the longtime manufacturer’s parent company, Fine Sounds Group. Audiophiles who haven’t been paying close attention may be surprised to learn just how big that world is.

McIntosh, which was founded in 1949, for many decades has offered a fairly large catalog of electronics and speakers. But as it has gone through a series of acquisitions and corporate moves, it has become part of a larger family with numerous sister companies.… Read the full article

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