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Eat Schiit, audiophiles!

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Aegir (“Ay-jjj-ear”?) is the forthcoming stereo (and mono-blockable) amplifier from California’s Schiit Audio and teased at RMAF 2018: a Class A-ish circuit dropped into a Vidar chassis that borrows from the Lyr 3’s Continuity output stage to deliver 20wpc into 8 Ohms, 40wpc into 4 Ohms. It was designed by Jason Stoddard and will be available for purchase from Q1 2019. Price? US$799.

That same (estimated) price and release quarter will be shared by the Mike Moffat-steered Sol turntable that threatens to shake up the entry-level(ish) vinyl playback world for those willing to put a little time into ‘table setup.… Read the full article

Schiit Updates The Modi DAC To Gen 3, Keeps The $99 Pricepoint

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Before anyone who isn’t familiar with Los Angeles-based Schiit Audio wonders why people bother with $99 DACs, I think its important to point out that our comparison of the last Modi generation was one of our most popular posts ever. Ever. The market is hot-to-trot for this product, at this price point. And why shouldn’t the masses be? Its a fairly attainable cost for something that really starts to answer the opening question on the lips of any budding audiophile “How can I make this sound better?”

The main talking points are now three digital inputs at the $99 level and a new AK4490 D/A chip at the helm.… Read the full article

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Schiit introduce Modi 3 DAC, still $99

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Who makes the best value DACs in the world today? No stronger case could be made than for California’s Schiit Audio whose range of decoders mixes multibit with delta-sigma designs across a broad spectrum of price points. Their flagship Analog 2 Yggdrasil (US$2399) reminds us that high value can also be among multi-thousand dollar audio components.

At the opposite end of the their DAC range sits the Modi, which today officially steps out as a third generation budget decoder to put a bullet in the Modi 2 and Modi 2 Uber.… Read the full article

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