K&K Audio Premium MC Phono Step-Up Transformer Review

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The ugly duckling of the analog world gets a chance to morph in to a beautiful swan.

By Steve Graham

Features and prices:

-Uses Swedish Lundahl LL1931 amorphous-core transformers

-Coils wound with high-purity copper

-Two switch-selectable gain settings

-Configurable grounding to minimize hum

-Rhodium-plated Cardas RCA jacks

-Solid silver DH Labs wire (connecting jacks to board)

-Available with Lundahl LL1941 transformers for very low-output cartridges

-Transformers available wound with high-purity solid silver wire ($$$)

-Standard Transformer version: $600 US kit, $650 US assembled

-Transformers wound with silver wire: $1,500 US assembled



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