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MrSpeakers – Factory Tour

By | November 30th, 2018|Categories: Audiohead|Tags: , , , , , |

MrSpeakers Factory Tour

Dan Clark of MrSpeakers is one of the hardest working guys in all of personal audio. When we first started this website, Dan was at nearly every single meet, show and audio get-together in the US. Back then he was only working with his modded Fostex T50RP headphone, which quickly evolved into a 3D-printed cup and then into drivers of his own design.

Now Dan has a full blown operation running out of San Diego and is in his second iteration of the popular Either Flow planar magnetic headphone, as well as moving into original designs within the electrostatic realm.… Read the full article

Picture Sunday -MrSpeakers Ether 2

By | November 10th, 2018|Categories: Headfonia|Tags: , , , , , , |

Dan Clark of MrSpeakers has started his audio career by modding Fostex headphones. Now after several years in the field he has made himself a name with his own headphones. The Ether 2 is the successor of the wildly popular Ether headphones.

Disclaimer: This post is part of our Picture Sunday series, you can find all of the previous ones here.

My history with MrSpeakers headphones goes back to the year 2016. I was at the High End Munich show and was browsing around when I came to the headphone bar.… Read the full article

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MrSpeakers ETHER 2 – RMAF 2018

By | October 11th, 2018|Categories: Audiohead|Tags: , , , , , |

Light as a feather, stiff as a board. We used to play a silly game in my childhood that used this phrase. But projected into the current state of leading edge planar magnetic headphones, its almost a metaphor for how Dan Clark from MrSpeakers is looking to carve out a unique direction for his products.

Its true, most top tier planars are very heavy, usually over 400g without the cable attached. Dan’s newest creation slides in at a mere 290g, and at this year’s Rocky Mountain Audiofest he was truly sailing for new shores in the category.… Read the full article

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MrSpeakers Snags Andy Regan For Executive Leadership

By | October 2nd, 2018|Categories: Audiohead|Tags: , , , |

In another surprise announcement today, the PR train stopped short in AudioHead’s inbox with even more pre-RMAF prep news. Long-time industry veteran Andy Regan is assuming the role of President at Dan Clark’s MrSpeakers brand. This move from Andy was immediately preceded by a tenure at direct competitor HiFiMAN, another tentpole company of the relatively small group of manufacturers that make high end planar magnetic and electrostatic headphones.

Andy has been in the audio business for 40 years and started out working in live sound on the road with large scale musical acts.… Read the full article

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MrSpeakers New Electrostatic VOCE Hits The Stage – AXPONA 2018

By | April 18th, 2018|Categories: Audiohead|Tags: , , , , |

Contrary to the ruse in this title, the new MrSpeakers Electrostat is actually pronounced Voh-Chay and is Italian for “voice”. But the reality that one of planar magnetic headphones biggest stars has moved over to the high end electrostatic technology is no joke. Dan Clark’s newest headphone was on display at both CanJam LA and AXPONA’s Chicago HiFi show a mere week apart. Dan himself caught a bit of a travel bug during his time in LA, but was back up to maximum output by the time we sync’d up at AXPONA.… Read the full article

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MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open Headphone Review

By | March 6th, 2018|Categories: Audiohead|Tags: , , , , , , , |

It’s been a constant trajectory of upward growth for Dan Clark and MrSpeakers headphone products. Only a few years out from modding T50RP headphones and his collection of original sonic creations has grown from a single model to more than eight, spanning costs from $3k for his VOCE electrostatic down to the subject of today’s analysis, the newly-opened AEON Flow ($799).

While the closed AEON has received some solid feedback from the online community, open configurations for headphones generally deliver more air and breathability (both sonically and physically).… Read the full article

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Headphones for Goldilocks: MrSpeakers’ ÆON Flow Open

By | January 17th, 2018|Categories: DAR|Tags: , , , |

Sometimes my listening starts with the tap of a smartphone screen. Other times it starts with the carefully lowering of a tonearm. Whatever the source kick-off these past two months, the next step has invariably meant carefully pulling a Grado headphone extension cord across the floor, from Mytek Brooklyn+ to my favourite chair, for a heavy dose of headphone listening: world off, music on.

I live in a NeuBau (new building) – a Berlin rarity. Were music to disturb neighbours, loudspeaker sounds would have to penetrate thick concrete floors and walls.… Read the full article

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Review: Mr. Speakers Aeon – Open and Closed!

By | December 29th, 2017|Categories: Headfonia|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

Disclaimer: Both the Mr. Speakers Aeon closed and Aeon open were sent to me by Mr. Speakers for the purpose of this review.  They both need to be returned, but they are letting me hold onto the Aeon closed for a little while longer.

Mr. Speakers.

Looking back on the last several years, I have realized my greatest audiophile regret: upgrading my Mad Dog headphones.  I had the Mad Dog 3.2 from Mr. Speakers, and I loved them to death. … Read the full article

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Review: SPL Phonitor X headphone amplifier

By | March 17th, 2017|Categories: Part-Time Audiofile|Tags: , , , , , , , |


SPL’s Phonitor X headphone amp, and pre-amplifier.

I’ve got a somewhat complicated relationship status with headphone listening. It’s something we’re working through, and perhaps I’m being too needy. The thing is I feel that I’m getting shortchanged on the big listening experience I’m used to from my two-channel rig. In an effort to address this emotional attachment to my loudspeakers I dipped my toe into the head-fidelity pool, and committed to a couple of headphone amps for a month to see if I was capable of an open audio relationship.… Read the full article

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MrSpeakers ÆON Review

By | February 1st, 2017|Categories: Audiohead|Tags: , , , |

by Dan Browdy

MrSpeakers has been on a bit of a roll lately.  From humble beginnings modifying the headphones made by other companies, Dan Clark has grown MrSpeakers into a pillar of the industry.  With the recent release of the Flow updates to the popular ETHER and ETHER C, MrSpeakers has improved two of the best headphones in their respective markets.  However, as happy as people are with the ETHERs, many long-time supporters of MrSpeakers have been waiting for them to return to their roots and introduce a model in a more affordable price bracket than the $1799 flagships.  Read the full article

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