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Rick Beato: A Musical and Audio Analysis of Boston's “More Than a Feeling”

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…in which my good audio friend John Marks, Head Honcho of The Tannhauser Gate, continues his series of essays on a creative thread within rock music, wrapped about the music of Boston. This time, he introduces us to the commentary of Rick Beato, a connection for which we can all be thankful.

I’m with John:  buy a Beato Shirt!

Dr. David W. Robinson, Ye Olde Editor

Through Arturo Delmoni, I got to know Boris Goldovsky (1908-2001). I treasured our get-togethers and phone chats (and I also did some intellectual-property legal work for him).… Read the full article

Top 500 SuperSonic List – Part 14

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This is an ongoing project by Claude Lemaire of Soundevaluations

106. Bill Berry and His Ellington All-Stars, For Duke. M&K RealTime Records – RT-101 (1978), 33 1/3 rpm. Genre: big band swing, jazz. ­Direct-to-disc lacquer cutting. German pressing.

We have often heard the expression “making a great first impression is the key to success” and that’s exactly what Miller and Kreisel Sound Corporation set out and accomplished in January 1978 to inaugurate their newfound audiophile label and parent subwoofer speaker company.… Read the full article

Joachim Raff: Music for Piano (and Orchestra)

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RAFF: Ode au printemps, Op. 76*; Piano Concerto in C minor, Op. 185; Caprice on Themes from König Alfred, Op. 65, No. 2. Tra Nguyen, piano; *Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra/Kerry Stratton. Grand Piano GP 771. TT: 67.06

Downloads: (mp3); (mp3); (mp3, FLAC); (mp3, “Hi-Res”)

If you like Romantic music, it’s worth exploring the composers of the second tier, well-trained craftsmen with a sure gift for melody and color, even if they didn’t break any new stylistic ground.… Read the full article

Lawrence Listens to Some K2 HD Music

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I seem to have gotten onto this bandwagon a bit late, but on the bandwagon I am. K2 HD remastering is a new technique (c. 2014) that the Japanese have pioneered to try and improve the quality of that stalwart of music delivery, the RedBook CD, now seemingly in it’s twilight in favor of hard drive music servers and audio streaming devices.

Developed by JVC / Japanese RCA Victor and described as an ‘epoch making’ mastering technology, K2 HD is supposed to deliver the ‘ambience of analogue sound,’ ‘higher resolution,’ ‘lower distortion,’ and a ‘richer sound field.’

Superior as the XRCDs are to all standard CDs I’ve purchased and auditioned the K2 HD recordings presented a more significant excursion in the prowess of the XRCD24, yielding a considerably more meticulous presentation and separation of instrument bodies.… Read the full article

Boston: “More Than a Feeling” (Reveries, Part 2)

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Yon goode fellow John Marks continues his reflections on our recent musical past that he began in his just-published essay, “Walk Away Renée,” to be found at his excellent Web site The Tannhauser Gate, as well as its re-publication here at Positive Feedback.

Frankly, I was gratified by how quickly John continued the thread that he had started. I’ve entitled them as “Reveries,” Parts 1 and 2, because he tells me that he’s already working on a third essay along these lines.Read the full article

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Reference Recordings Bruckner Symphony No. 9 FR-733 SACD Review

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Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Manfred Honeck, conductor

I. Feierlich – misterioso 25:06
II. Scherzo – bewegt – lebhaft 10:20
III. Adagio – langsam – feierlich 27:46


Three Other Recordings


Feierlich –


Scherzo –
bewegt – lebhaft


Adagio –
langsam – feierlich

Abbado (Live at Lucern) 24 bits/48 KHz 26:47 11:03 25:09
Bruno Walter CD from 1959 recording 23:55 11:34 23:15
Karajan 1976 Deutsche Grammophon vinyl 24:42 10:34 25:46

Anton Bruckner (1824-1896) meant for his symphonies as a personal testament and tribute to God.

Read the full article

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Nelson Brill Spends The Day At Tanglewood

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Real music lovers can find the melody in everything. From the park to the concert hall, our friend Nelson Brill is always on the hunt for great sound. In this blog, Nelson brings us to The Berkshires to see what Tanglewood had in store for their audiences this summer. 


By Nelson Brill         July 23, 2019  

On entering Tanglewood, the idyllic summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (“BSO”;, there is always a distinctive welcoming call that you will hear.Read the full article

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Qobuz: 3 levels of high quality streaming audio

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find out more and sign-up to qobuz

We are loving the hi-res music choice from Qobuz and have been using this high quality audio streaming (and purchasing) service for evaluating our digital audio cables. It’s also coming in very handy at shows and demonstrations – to cue-up impressive playlists at short notice, tailored to audience taste, room vibe etc.

Get more info and try it for yourself here

  • Qobuz offers the biggest catalog of Hi-Fi and Hi-Res albums in the world, both for new releases and specialized genres.
Read the full article

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Ketil Vestrum Einarsen: An Alchemical Wedding

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Ketil Vestrum Einarsen

Ketil Vestrum Einarsen – Photo by Dag Thrane (Used with permission)

Ketil Vestrum Einarsen was born on the north-western edge of Norway. Known primarily for playing flute with a long list of bands, including White Willow, The Opium Cartel, Jaga Jazzist, Wobbler, Pixie Ninja, and more recent collaborations in Kaukasus and Galasphere 347, he stepped into the role of leader with Weserbergland. The first album, Sehr Kosmich, Ganz Progisch, was a massive compositional undertaking that took many years to complete.… Read the full article

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Kaitai Teki Kokan

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Masayuki Takayanagi and Abe Kaoru, Kaitai Teki Kokan. 

Premiere: 1970 | Sound Creators Inc. SCi – 10101. Reissue: 2018 | Craftman Records CMRS-0013. Format: UHQCD, mini-LP.

As it seems, every music genre and each trend within it and, on the other hand, every national discography have their “rarities”—rare and special, often simply “cult” albums.

“A cult…. liked very much by a particular group of people.” Cambridge Dictionary

The word “cult” is a shortcut that points out to the timeless and exceptional status of what it refers to.… Read the full article

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