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Esoteric launches new Grandioso K1X SACD/CD player

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The Esoteric K1X looks like its predecessor.
The Esoteric K1X looks like its predecessor.



Esoteric launched a replacement for its Grandioso K1 SACD/CD player at the UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2019 held at the Ascot Racecourse on Oct 26-27.


Called the K1X, the new player incorporates two new technologies – the VRDS-ATLAS transport and the Master Sound Discrete DAC. The DAC can handle 22.5MHz DSD and 768kHz PCM signals and features ful MQA decoding. The K1X can also be used as a standalone DAC with USB, coaxial and optical inputs.… Read the full article

Listening to Dynamic Music – HD-Audio Challenge II

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The HD-Audio Challenge II has launched. Over 250 audio enthusiasts have already signed up and more are signing up everyday. Please feel free to encourage others to participate in this new research project by linking to this page. Anyone interested […]

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VPI launches flagship Vanquish turntable system

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VPI's flagship Vanquish turntable system comes with matching stand, powre supply and phono preamp.
VPI’s flagship Vanquish turntable system comes with matching stand, power supply and phono preamp.


VPI Industries has launched its flagship turntable called the Vanquish at the Capital Audiofest held from Nov 1-3 in Rockville, Maryland, USA.


From reports in and, the Vanquish comes with a purpose-built stand that houses the matching power supply and phono preamp, all in a striking ruby colour. The new Vanquish Phono Stage is evolved from VPI’s Voyager Phono stage.


The entire system is said to be priced from US$100,000 to US$120,000 and it comes with a 14-inch tonearm called the Vanquish Fatboy tonearm, which is VPI’s first 14” 3-D printed tonearm, and the buyer can choose between a unipivot or a gimbal bearing.… Read the full article

Capitol Audio Fest & NY Audio Show Reports | HD-Audio Challenge Update

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My timing was pretty much right on. As the east coast gets hammered by frigid air and winter’s first snowfall, I was winging my way back to Los Angeles last Monday morning. I spent 10 days participating in Gary Gill’s […]

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Meze Audio Adds the RAI SOLO To Their IEM Lineup

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Meze Rai Solo IEM

In the eternal battle for mindshare in the universal fit earphone market, Meze Audio out of Romania has recently upped their game with a second set of IEMs for the more budget-friendly market called the RAI SOLO.

I have been consistently wowed by the company’s over-ear models, so there is plenty of potential to get riled up about a new $249 IEM from the R&D department of MEZE. The original high-end RAI Penta entered the market at $1,099 in US dollars, equipped with a triple bore design, hybrid BA/dynamic drivers and CNC’d aluminum chassis.… Read the full article

Audio Note UK launches Cobra integrated amp with DAC

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Audionte's latest integrated amp-cum-DAC.
Audio Note UK’s latest integrated amp-cum-DAC is called Cobra.


Audio Note UK has launched its latest integrated amplifier with built-in DAC.


Called the Cobra, the integrated amplifier is in production now and will be released in the market early next year.


The interesting feature is the built-in DAC which uses a Philips TDA1543 chip. These days, the latest DACs use chips which can handle PCM up to 32 bit 384kHz and DSD up to DSD 256, but Audio Note UK has eschewed the trend to use the latest chips for a blast from the past.… Read the full article

Qobuz moves to “Studio Premier” 1-tier pricing – Yes to Hi Res and No to MP3

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Qobuz high resolution music streaming service updated pricing. How much does Qobuz cost?

The big news coming out of the NY Audio show wasn’t a new shiny loudspeaker, but rather a somewhat radical move by the high fidelity music streaming service Qobuz. Now reduced to only a single option, the monthly fee for high resolution streaming is down to $15 – undercutting their largest rival Tidal by nearly 25%.

The company will retain its Sublime+ option as well, a plan that includes discounts for downloads from the Qobuz storefront along with the full streaming capabilities of the Studio Premier tier.… Read the full article

MrSpeakers Changes Name To Dan Clark Audio, Releases Two New Headphones

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MrSpeakers is now Dan Clark Audio

Dan Clark of MrSpeakers did originally make speakers, but recent years has seen more successes in the personal audio space than traditional two channel. A PR release dropped this week notifying all the in realm that a rebranding was taking place for the company based out of San Diego, also to coincide with the launch of two new options for a new generation of Aeon headphones.

Aeon 2 by Dan Clark Audio

The new facelift is aptly called Dan Clark Audio and headphone will come in both open and closed back designs.… Read the full article

Chord launches Huei phono preamp

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The Chord Huei phono preamp
The Chord Huei phono preamp


Chord Electronics has a new phono preamp in the market. Called Huei, the phono preamp is styled just like a larger Mojo with coloured spherical controls.


The Huei, which is a step below the flagship Symphonic phono preamp, was unveiled at the Munich High End show in May and it has just hit the British market priced at £990 and it is just a question of time as to when it will be brought into Malaysia by Centre Circle Audio.… Read the full article

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Rega launches Aethos integrated amplifier

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Rega's new Aethos integrated amplifier.
Rega’s new Aethos integrated amplifier.


Rega has just launched the Aethos integrated amplifier which is just one level below the flagship Osiris.

The Aethos is a dual mono design which pumps out 125 watts per channel into 8 Ohms.

According to What Hi-Fi?, the Aethos was first spotted at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show back in February.

The Rega website states: “The Aethos uses a high performance combined feedback and passive volume control plus line amplifier, which was originally developed for the Elex-R.… Read the full article

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