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Nola Speakers, VAC and a Pair of Audio Legends | RMAF 2019

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Scot Hull summoned me to the Nola Speakers and VAC room at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest to discuss a review of a pair of loudspeakers. When I walked into the room I couldn’t help but notice the pair of Nola Concert Grand Reference Gold Mk. 2s sitting there, practically grazing the ceiling, each one weighing 275 pounds and containing 12 drivers. “What, these?” I asked Scot. Yeah, I’ll be able to unpack these and move these around for proper positioning with one hand tied behind my back, right?… Read the full article

Friday’s Highlights | 2019 RMAF

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Friday at the 2019 RMAF was one of those long, busy and productive days where at the end of it you sit back and think wow, I met a lot of interesting people. Not just people, but people I really wanted to meet, people who mean something to this industry, people I’ve only read about up until now. One of the most interesting encounters involved one Hiroshi Ishihara, president of Youtek Limited in Japan. Mr. Ishihara, if you don’t know, is the man behind Hana cartridges.… Read the full article

Nola Grand Reference Gold 2 World Premiere | RMAF 2019

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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 coverage sponsored by Core Power Technologies A/V

DENVER (PTA) — Nola To Feature the World Premiere of Its Concert Grand Reference Gold 2 Loudspeaker at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019.

It was at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in 2018 where and when I first heard Nola’s smaller Metro Grand Reference Gold 2 loudspeakers. In that moment, I had what felt like a genuine live experience with recorded music. The smaller Metro Grands’ were stunningly open, and were featured in my Best-In-Show wrap-up article.… Read the full article

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Florida 2019: Nola, Rogue Audio, Electrocompaniet

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Sometimes the most affordable systems are the most fun.  A good case in point was the tiny speakers with subwoofers from Nola Speakers called the Brio Quattro.  This system was producing an impossibly big sound from two tiny monitors in a bright room while Carl Marchisotto was spinning CDs on an Electrocompaniet ECC-1 CD player feeding the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III integrated.

My ears heard the big sound but my ears disconcertingly saw tiny speakers on stands.  The speakers themselves looked like a shrunken big Nola speaker with rear porting on the bottom and an open baffle on the top driver.  … Read the full article

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