KORG’s Nu 1: MM/MC phono, ADC, DAC, Nutube in one box

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In July 2016, we introduced you to the DS-DAC-10R from KORG: a USB DAC/headphone amplifier whose primary raison d’être was tandem deployment with the Japanese manufacturer’s AudioGate software for a vinyl-ripping ADC. (Line-level or) phono MM analogue inputs could be encoded to DSD (or PCM) with EQ (RIAA) curve correction applied in the digital domain, in the software app. Clever.

At the end of 2017, Srajan Ebaen introduced us to KORG’s Nutube: a solid state device with an ‘anode grid filament’ structure that, according to co-developer Noritake Itron Corp., operates exactly as a triode vacuum tube but requires substantially lower power injection (2% of a normal tube), dissipates less heat and can reportedly run for 30,000 hours.… Read the full article