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Picture Sunday: Walking on – Sony NW-ZX300 and Sony MZ-NH3D

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Disclaimer: This is a Picture Sunday post, representing a very first impression of a particular gear. Check out our recent Picture Sunday articles HERE. Both of the Sony units pictured here were purchased by Nathan. 

Longtime Sony fan and owner here. Long time Sony critic and sometimes detractor here. Longtime hiss king here. Longtime critic of hardware interfaces here. Longtime fondler of buttons and knobs here. Longtime critic of faulty outputs here. Longtime critic of false marketing here. The two best examples of portable audio evolution I can think of are Sony’s ZX300 Hi-Res DAP, which I reviewed here, and Sony’s last-generation MD downloader, the MZ-NH3D.… Read the full article

Review: Sony ZX300 – Hi Res for Walkmasses

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Disclaimer: I purchased this unit from e-Earphone‘s used department at about 30% off the retail price. e-Earphone rocks. You can find out all about the ZX300 here: Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio | ZX300.

Relevant links:

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RMAA: MST Audio Chord Mojo-Kai (balanced) 24-bit
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Not sound

There’s no way to crap on the ZX300.… Read the full article

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Watch it Wednesday: Sony NW-ZX300

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Disclaimer: Nathan bought the Sony NW-ZX300 himself because he’s in Japan and because he likes it.

Sony recently launched the new NW-ZX300 portable player and it looks oh so sexy. You can find Sony’s product page here: https://www.sony.com/electronics/walkman/nw-zx300

Step inside a true music machine

In this First Look video Nathan will show you what it looks like and so on.

Enjoy the video!

His full written review will be online soon, I for one look forward to it.

We’ll be back next week with another video.… Read the full article

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