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Spending time with Fern & Roby for a factory tour, film, and interviews

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Virginia is for Lovers.

That’s what the bumper sticker said on the car in front of me.

The air was muggy, and charged with electricity as the windshield wipers tried to clear the rain from a summer thunderstorm. I was sitting with Christopher Hildebrand, and Sara Moriarty in their station wagon idling at a traffic light; that’s when I noticed the slogan. As I took in the scene of strip malls, and gas stations my mind wandered past the lowland forests in the distance, and the surrounding countryside gave way in the unseeable distance to the rolling Appalachian hills of the Blue Ridge mountains made famous by John Denver so many years before.… Read the full article

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Introducing The Occasional Magazine

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Welcome to the evolution.

Occasiona-Magazine-cover-NEWThe Occasional Part-Time Audiophile is a new thing. Another experiment. And while it may be new to us, it’s not exactly new. The history of our hobby is as much a story of the writers, and the magazines that wrote for as it is of the companies, and designers that have also come, and gone. I want to respect that history because it’s worth celebrating. Even if I’m no one special. One paragon of the industry, not so long ago, said that my efforts were interesting, but “Seriously, Scot.Read the full article

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