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The Path of Shindo – A Journey through Japanese high fidelity

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This is an article that first appeared in our new online PDF, downloadable magazine The Occasional this March in our Spring 2018 edition. We’ll be rolling out articles from it over the next several weeks in anticipation of our upcoming third issue – the Summer edition – which is scheduled for publication in May. We hope you enjoy this new, exclusive content, and that you’ll check out the current Winter Edition of The Occasional and its 140 pages of fresh high fidelity reviews, audiophile gear highlights, lifestyle stories, and editorial opinion.… Read the full article

Talking to the kids (Part 1) – KEF America

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“And yes, this is my singing voice, it’s not irony, it’s not rock & roll. We’re just talking, to the kids.” – Art Brut, Formed A Band.

What might see a greater number of young folk – the under 40s – take more of an interest in better audio gear? What might cause them to drop their Bluetooth speakers, their lossy streaming services or cause them to give up on their shoulder-shrugging indifference to poor sounding headphones?

At an audio show, playing well-recorded music from the last ten years is one way to strike a chord with Millennials or Gen Y-ers.… Read the full article

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