AXPONA 2018: PS Audio unveils new DSD waveform-generation P15 and P12 Power Plants

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PS Audio’s new P20, P15, P12.

The Renaissance Schaumburg played host to a number of announcements at AXPONA this year, of particular interest to me was PS Audio‘s room on the ground floor in the Journey/Creation suite right before you entered the Expo Hall. Why was I so interested you ask? Because PS Audio was introducing their brand-new line of Power Plants: the brute-force P20, with 2,000-watts of capacity, and 20-amp chop capability with an MSRP of $9,999 USD (Which I have in for review, and I have to say is an impressive improvement on what I already considered to be a benchmark audiophile product in the P10), the P15, with 1,700-watt capability, which builds upon the company’s aforementioned P10, and carries an MSRP of $7,499 USD (P10 currently under review, and being compared to the new P20), and the P12, with 1,250-watt capability, which comes in at $4,999 USD.… Read the full article