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Pure Fidelity Eclipse Turntable Review

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Pure Fidelity Eclipse Turntable Review: Total Eclipse of the Art, as originally seen in The Occasional Magazine.

Pure Fidelity Eclipse Turntable

Rafe Arnott’s review of the Pure Fidelity Eclipse turntable originally appeared in The Occasional Magazine.

What do you do when you’ve owned a number of turntables over the years but always found one aspect lacking in each design you’ve entertained?

You design and build your own deck and start-up a company to produce and bring them to market.

This is exactly what John Stratton of Vancouver, British Columbia did when he decided he wanted a ‘table that could deliver the sound he loved from high-price turntable designs but at a price grounded more in reality.… Read the full article

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DVL Album of the Month for February – Traffic

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This is a monthly series of album reviews I will be doing for DVL Audio here in Canada. I’ll be heading out to a local record store in Vancouver, digging through the bins, and coming up with an intriguing LP to discuss here on Part-Time Audiophile. I’ll never go out with something in mind beforehand, and there is no criteria for whether it’s a new album, an old album, an out-of-print LP, electronic, classical, jazz, punk – whatever – it just has to sound good to me.Read the full article

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