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Florida 2019: Legacy Audio

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It seems like Qobuz is everywhere these days.  A virtual, er, tidal wave of promotion led by my pal David Solomon. I walked into the Legacy Audio room and off to the side, some sweet music was playing.  I walked in and Bill Duddleston and David were there with the stand-mount Calibres doing some set up.  David left soon after, and after some reconfiguration, Bill got the music going playing a mostly hirez playlist he had created in Qobuz.  These were his passiive Calibre speakers at $5,500 and they were connected to the Wavelet processor ($4,950) that also does DSP on the room and the PowerBloc2 amplifier ($1,800).  … Read the full article

A Power Cable Reality Check

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I know, I know. Talking about cables is a sure fire way to start a protracted — and unruly — discussion among audiophiles. The subjectivists write flowery prosaic descriptions while those of use who prefer to trust facts and science […]

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Hi-Audio — Getting the Basics Wrong? Part II

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It’s another rainy day in Southern California — time to follow up on the blog I started the other day. The first part is available at Hi-Res Audio — Getting the Basics Wrong? I was critical of an article that […]

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Qobuz Streaming Services Launch In The US

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Tidal is no longer alone in the high resolution streaming space. As of today, the Qobuz private beta is over and the doors have been flung open for the France-based service. Competition is usually good for consumers, and while Tidal offers MQA options on the upper registers of resolution, Qobuz does offer up to 24/192 files for stream and download.

Qobuz’s launch titles boast over 40 million tracks, something which it has had a little time to prep since its European launch in 2007.… Read the full article

Qobuz is My Funny Valentine

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Times up, waits over, let the queuing begin! Qobuz (website), the European music streaming service, is finally here and is set to challenge Tidal on its home turf — sound quality. But unlike Tidal, Qobuz is all about high-resolution audio, up to and including streaming music at up to 192kHz without requiring MQA and the associated hardware and software. Here’s the kicker: it sounds great. Perhaps because Qobuz has been a long time to come, but to me, the platform seems very stable.… Read the full article

Letters to the editor: Qobuz, HD800S, Qutest, Audiophonics

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Header image: HEDD Tower Mains launch event, Emil Berliner studios, Berlin – January 2019.

Alun H writes…

Hello John. Thanks for all this informative entertaining stuff. I didn’t know you could stream CD quality via Sonos until I watched your recent video. Qobuz now added to Spotify  – streaming via a Sonos Connect in the living room (via Marantz and KEF) and Chromecast Audio in office headphone system (via Schitt Modi, Magni and AKG). Second Chromecast bought to form part of a cheapo bedroom system (yet to buy).… Read the full article

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Roon 1.6 arrives with Qobuz support and tasty updates

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The train never stops over at Roon and today’s release of Roon 1.6 brings a host of welcome updates and a fresh look. Most notability official support for Qobuz.  At CES 2019 Qobuz US Beta went live, so if you are a Qobuz beta tester, you can add your account to ROON and access all of your Qobuz content seamlessly. Official support for Qobuz arrives with Roon 1.6 software update.  

From the Roon Press release:

Now you can access the entire Qobuz catalog in Roon, allowing you to take advantage of Roon’s metadata with all of your favorite Qobuz content.

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Roon + Qobuz, Tidal = Pandora for lossless lovers

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Roon Radio? Not a browsable index of broadcast radio streams from around the world but a feature that plays similar music from your library after pressing its blue button from any song, album or genre. Roon Radio can also pick up where the ‘now playing’ playlist leaves off.

Whichever way it runs, users are optionally invited to click ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ on the algorithm’s subsequent selections. Roon Radio is a little like Pandora for your hard-drive.

But not only.… Read the full article

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Letters to the editor: Konto, Lindemann, Dynaudio & more

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A new year brings a fresh batch of ‘givers’ to the yard. A robust ‘thank you’ goes out to all who choose to share their findings with us.

Ryan K. writes:

Just wanted to say thank you for your approach to reviewing, as you’ve become my first in line, go-to guy when I inevitably begin my daily music & audio obsession.

Also wanted to thank you for your coverage on Raspberry Pi/DigiOne/Allo etc. as it pushed me to finally get a USBridge to replace my laptop as my streaming source via Roon.… Read the full article

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CES 2019: Qobuz opens US beta

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“Total Blam Blam” or “Where Are We Now?”. If Qobuz’s entry into the US market were a David Bowie song, it would very much fall into the latter camp. The planned official launch at RMAF 2018 was stalled at the eleventh hour (and for reasons unknown). Only at the end of 2018 was it rescheduled for Q1 this year and tier pricing announced.

And if Qobuz’s presence at CES 2019 is anything to by, the French music streaming company’s plans seem to be once again on track: a public beta is now open to anyone wanting to try before they buy.… Read the full article

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