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Rafe Arnott to Become Editor of InnerFidelity and AudioStream

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Yes, that is correct. Audio-Head contributor Rafe Arnott is the new editor for both InnerFidelity and AudioStream, and we couldn’t be more happy for the man. Rafe has helped out Audio-Head for the past few years and was instrumental in elevating our show coverage to new levels. His sharp wit is matched only by his keen eye for photography and the new position is a perfect fit for his many talents. We wish him the best of luck in the path in front of him and will miss his copy and imagery here very much.… Read the full article

Editor and Creative Director Rafe Arnott to depart Part-Time Audiophile

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For Immediate Release

Frederick, Maryland. May 16th, 2018.

Today, we are sad to announce the departure of Rafe Arnott, our esteemed Editor and Creative Director for  The Occasional Magazine and Part-Time Audiophile.

It’s been three years since Rafe joined the team at Part-Time Audiophile. Almost three years to the day, in fact, since he launched his debut covering an audio show in his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. We immediately recognized that his unique style and visual daring were unmatched in today’s high-end, gifts that he used to revolutionize Part-Time Audiophile’s look and helped rocket us through a period of explosive growth.… Read the full article

Audio Note UK factory tours and Life in the fast lane with Peter Qvortrup

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Coffee. Champagne. Coffee. Russian liqueur. Coffee. Tequila. Coffee. Whiskey. Coffee. Red wine. Coffee… I lost track of the actual number of drinks, and coffees I had during my first day visiting Peter Qvortrup of Audio Note UK at his home in Brighton. It was my own fault. I had forgotten a fistful of sleep aids on the kitchen counter at home in my dash for the airport, and as a result hadn’t gotten a wink on the 10-hour flight from Vancouver, Canada.… Read the full article

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Roon releases MQA Detection update

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Rob Darling

I had a chance to catch up with one of the Roon Labs power brokers this week, namely Rob Darling, on what was happening with the software company’s latest release, and how it addresses MQA files. Roon users across the globe should welcome the new architecture updates to transition to full MQA integration being employed in this build (242).

From Roon Labs:

This release also includes improved detection of MQA files. Up until now, we relied on file tags to identify MQA content, which was susceptible to incorrectly tagged files, and didn’t work with TIDAL streams.Read the full article

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High End 2017: The horns of Azzolina Audio,Thomas Mayer amplification, Vinylista turntables

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Horns, tubes, and turntables.


That was the closest colour match I could think of to describe the large, tasty Sphera horns that Azzoline Audio – the creation of Frenchman Chuck Michlin – was showing off with Thomas Mayer’s bespoke tube amplification at High End in Munich.


Gorgeous full-range drivers, bespoke circuit, and chassis designs.

The pairing seemed tailor-made for each other, as did Martin Brenner’s (Vinylista) gorgeous, modified Garrard 301, and 401 idler-drive turntables which were pressed into service as analog sources.… Read the full article

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Rare sighting of B&O BeoLab 90 – photo set from Vancouver

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BeoLab 90 by B&O. $75,000 USD retail per pair.

I’d never seen them in person until this afternoon.

B&O BeoLab 90 active DSP loudspeakers are rare as hens teeth, so when I found out I could see a set in person, and that they were just a few blocks from my place in Vancouver, B.C. at the Bang & Olufsen dealer , I could hardly believe my good fortune. I’d had a brief conversation with B&O North American representatives at CES in Las Vegas about scheduling some time with a pair of 90s at their flagship store in Chicago when I hit AXPONA in April, so to have this opportunity appear was fortunate indeed.… Read the full article

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VPI to unveil Avenger Plus at CES

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New Avenger Plus set to retail at $15,000 USD.

VPI Industries president Mat Weisfeld woke me up today with news from the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey that the turntable manufacturer was releasing a new beast: The Avenger Plus at CES this week. Weisfeld said the new $15,000 USD Plus shares the company’s Rim-Drive technology found in it’s $48,000 USD flagship Titan turntable.”The Plus is everything you love about an Avenger, plus a little more.”

We’re excited to be able to show the VPI Avenger with three tonearms mounted to demonstrate the full extent of what can be brought to the listening experience,” said Weisfeld.… Read the full article

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